Little Red Roses

Jennifer Nicely

lives and works on the farm she grew up on, Riverplains, which sits in a lovely crook of the Holston River in Jefferson County, TN. After years of pursuing “success” as a singer-songwriter in Nashville, five years ago she landed back in East Tennessee — and is so grateful she did. These days, she spends her time raising and tending heirloom vegetables (including corn and spelt), chickens, goats, and cows, and helping in general with all the various endless chores that abound on any family-run farm. Jennifer also help run a food truck called Mister Canteen, with her sister Anna and dear friend Misty, that serves Real Food that they raise and prepare themselves. And in her freer moments, she writes poetry and songs. Her upcoming album, tentatively titled “Creatures”, will be greeting the world sometime late Spring 2014. (By which time her website will be up and running again).

For pictures and info about the farm, click here.