Beelzebub Is My Bud


is the band of writer Mark Ray Lewis, formed in 2006 in Albuquerque. “Beelzebub Is My Bud” is a new song which is described by Mark in the following way: “The idea behind it was to celebrate the sublunary world and claim the devil as a green shoot within (more like the devil of Genesis—sort of like a lawn gnome streaking across the garden of Eden?), as opposed to an otherworldly and fundamentalist concept of God that can be humorless, macabre, and self-destructive.”

The literary background of Lewis is evident in the strong lyricism and well amplified by the layered sound, evidencing the fine line between music and literature or poetry. “Their God is Death/ but I will fix my stare upon the living/ ignore His breath/ and His cool sly bedroomy voice/ /Suicide I have tried, I’ll confide/ Glad to say it did not satisfy/ I took my seat, their Savior washed my feet/ but on my fork I tasted tainted meat.

The folk sound of Trilobite utilizes a number a number of different players and instruments. The following musicians are featured in the recording: Jason Aspeslet (drums, ukulele), Greg Butera (fiddle), Dan Clucas (cornet), Michelle Collins (vocal harmony), Michael Grimes (upright bass, Wurlitzer, engineering), Mark Ray Lewis (guitar, vocal, lapsteel), Mark Weaver (trombone), and Kevin Zoernig (piano).

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