Dog Walkers of the New Age
Breathe Owl Breathe

is Micah Middaugh, Andréa Moreno-Beals, and Trevor Hobbs.  They live in a log cabin together in East Jordan, Michigan. – Zachary Greenberg

Greenberg:  “Dog Walkers of The New Age” is extremely rich in image, with lines like “see the necklace of lights over the bridge tonight”  and “the city is alive, it blinks its eyes.”  Are there any poets or other writers who have inspired you all to take this imagistic approach to songwriting?

Middaugh:  Moondog, Roald Dahl, and Saul Williams.

Greenberg:  How has the landscape of Northern Michigan influenced your music?

Middaugh: There’s something magical about Northern artists.  I’m talkin’ tundra tales.  I’m inspired by the Inuits, in both songwriting and printmaking, and perhaps storytelling.  Keep things simple and visual.

Greenberg:  Who are the “Dog Walkers Of The New Age?

Middaugh: “Dog Walkers Of The New Age” is folklore set in the city.  The city is alive under the paws and toes.  We are flowing through the city’s blood stream.  There is a game that Andrea, Trevor, and I play on the road: if you see a dog, you try to be the first to yell out “dog I win!” (and then you win).  If you see a dog walker that resembles their dog, everyone wins.  After all, we’re all dogs, give or take.

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