I Need More Green Than Grey
Symbion Project

is the electronic music endeavor of Kasson Crooker, formerly of the blippy synthop band Freezepop and electronic rock band Splashdown.  Symbion Project has had songs in a number of music videogames including tracks via RockBand Network for play in Rock Band 2 for the Xbox360. www.symbionproject.comZachary Greenberg

Greenberg:  The OED defines “symbion” as “either of two organisms living in symbiosis.”  What are the organisms you’re trying to fuse musically?

Crooker:  The word symbion can embody any sort of alignment or mutual partnership between two entities, either of which could be physical, spiritual, chemical, mechanical, or otherwise. Sometimes the relationship is mutually beneficial, other times strained and demanding.  Originally, the symbiotic relationship was between me and the electronic equipment I make music with, but over the years it’s come to represent my artistic relationships with other humans, relationships with the songs themselves, relationships with the people who enjoy the music I make.  All these relationships are energy which feeds back into the self-sustaining system of the music.

Greenberg: What instruments were used and what electronic accents were added in “I Need More Green Than Grey”?

Crooker: Drum programming was all done within Reason4 with additional editing and processing in Digital Performer, which is my software of choice for audio editing, mixing, and production.  The primary synth featured, which can be heard as the massive bass stabs throughout, are from a Moog Voyager.  I’m a huge fan of Moog analog synths, mostly vintage, and have a substantial collection.  On top of the beats and synths are real strings arranged and played by Simon Swarbrick.  Interestingly, he plays all the individual parts, and when he puts them all together it sounds like a full chamber group… amazing what you can do with overdubbing these days!  Lastly, the vocals are a combination of my own with background vocals by Melissa R Kaplan, who I used to be in the band Splashdown with.  It’s a fascinating process—making music with two good friends who are 3000 miles away from where I live, and in opposite directions.

Go here to download “I Need More Green Than Grey”