Modern Drift

is an indie post-rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark.  Known for their expansive and cinematic sound, Efterklang incorporates layered vocals, trumpets, saxophones, trombones, drums, bass, piano, flute, violin, and electronics into their songs.  “Modern Drift” is featured on their third full-length album, Magic Chairs, released this February on the British label 4AD.

Efterklang comes from the Danish word for “remembrance” or “reverberation,” and the verses in “Modern Drift” explore this territory between loss and reclamation:

When the moment dies
and I come to you
with a broken lie
that I made for you

The peace sounds frank
but we’re all afraid
it’ll play your hands
like a puppeteer

And the dreams aren’t true
but we know it, we know that tune
that the angel sang
to the hollow death

– Zachary Greenberg

Go here to download “Modern Drift”