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Many MLAS Students are working professionals who feel a personal need to build upon their previous education. As lifelong learners, they are open to new ideas, share a deep respect for a liberal arts education, and are eager to study with and learn from other outstanding adults with wide-ranging interests and diverse professional and personal backgrounds. They are physicians, engineers, administrators, homemakers, journalists, musicians, teachers, nurse practitioners, lawyers, businesspeople, and much more.

Together they form an energetic and enthusiastic cadre of students who appreciate being in the classroom again. While they range in age from being just a few years away from their college graduation to a few years away from retirement, the MLAS student profile includes the facts they:

  • Seek an enriching and challenging academic experience;
  • Hope to extend their knowledge into unexplored areas;
  • Want to open up new perspectives and ways of viewing the world;
  • Possess a love of learning and an intellectual curiosity; and
  • Wish to join a part-time program with evening classes.

After completing ten courses, students are awarded the Master of Liberal Arts and Science degree from Vanderbilt University. They are also honored at the University’s formal commencement ceremonies.

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