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Upcoming Roster

Fall 2020 (tentative)

MLAS 6100: creative writing with Professor Kate Daniels, English

MLAS 6100: film scores with Professor Stank Link, Blair School of Music

MLAS 6300: "American Law" with Professor Carrie Russell, Political Science

MLAS 6300: "The Collapse of Civilizations" with Professor Arthur Demarest, Anthropology

MLAS 7340: Capstone Workshop with Professor Mark Wollaeger, English

Spring 2021 (tentative)

MLAS 6100: "Sustainable Fashion" with Professor Alex Sargent Capps, Theatre

MLAS 6300: "The US and Vietnam" with Professor Thomas Schwartz

MLAS 6300: World War II with Professor Michael Bess

MLAS 7340: Capstone Workshop