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Summer 2024

Summer 2024 MLAS courses begin Monday, June 3 and end Wednesday, August 7.


MLAS 6400: Seminar in Literature and Creative Writing:  Seeking Adventure, Treasure, or Protection: Great Literary Quests from Homer to Toni Morrison
Prof. Robert Barsky   Department of French and Italian and the Vanderbilt Law School
Evening that the course will meet: Wednesdays, 6:00-8:30 pm
Course Description
World literature is rife with characters who have set out in search of new horizons or fresh starts, either because they are bored, desperate, or in need of enlightenment. In this course we’ll accompany some of the most memorable literary characters ever created, from Odysseus and Don Quixote to Scrooge and Frankenstein’s monster, focusing upon what led them to embark upon their quest. Following in the footsteps of these remarkable literary creations will lead us into vast realms of inquiry, and will (re)kindle the excitement and the perils of seeking adventure, or protection.
(Literature and Creative Writing, Social Science)


MLAS 6600: Seminar in Social Science:  World Cup Soccer and Socio-Political implications
Prof. Celso Castilho    Department of History and Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies
Evening that the course will meet: Mondays, 6:00-8:30 pm
Course Description:
By most measures, the 1994 Men’s World Cup was an extraordinary success. It drew historic crowds across 9 host cities. It made FIFA a lot of money. It made the US Soccer Federation a lot of money, providing the impetus for a men’s professional league. On the field, the US team exceeded expectations, and advanced to the second round. The world cup also changed how the U.S. media in general, and the sporting media in particular, dealt with soccer. In particular, print and TV media played a major role in detailing fan culture, often intertwining it in discussions about immigration and national identity. Among the recurrent questions asked were: how “American” was soccer, and why did the U.S. not enjoy greater “home-field advantage”? These are among the issues we’ll explore. Broadly, this class offers fresh perspectives to think about the interconnections between the sporting and political arenas, as these and other questions about fan culture remain visible ahead of the upcoming 2026 Men’s World Cup that the US will co-host alongside Mexico and Canada.
(Social Science, History)