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Degree Requirements

The MLAS is a graduate degree program that culminates in a Master’s degree granted by Vanderbilt University. As such, successful completion of 30 hours of academic credit (10 courses) is required for the Master’s degree, including

At least 24 of the 30 hours (or 8 courses) must be accumulated through MLAS courses.


Optional Areas of Concentration:

Students may elect to declare an optional  Area of Concentration in one of four fields requiring the completion of four courses in that area: Fine and Creative Arts, History, Literature and Creative Writing, or Social Science.

Courses offered in these specific areas are numbered as follows, but please note that due to the interdisciplinary nature of the MLAS program, some courses may count for more than one Area of Concentration:

Fine and Creative Arts:                  MLAS 6200
History:                                             MLAS 6300
Literature and Creative Writing:    MLAS 6400
Social Science:                                MLAS 6600

Students may complete two  Areas of Concentration as long as each Area is fulfilled by four courses that count only for that Area; courses may not double-count between Areas, and the Core Core and Capstone cannot also count for an Area of Concentration (unless a student has taken more than one MLAS 6700 course).