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Vanderbilt’s Master of Liberal Arts and Science degree program is designed for the adult learner ready to return to the collegiate classroom and experience it in a new way. Whether returning to the university to learn what was missed the first time, to pursue a post-graduate degree for professional development or personal achievement, or to more fully explore an academic topic of great interest, Vanderbilt’s MLAS faculty, curriculum and schedule all have the discerning adult learner in mind.

What better time than now is there – when great ideas and enduring questions can be measured against one’s own life experiences –to return to the university classroom? Whether out of college for a number of years and missing the environment found only at a top-rated academic institution, looking for something besides the usual type of professional development, or seeking a unique personal challenge, the MLAS program at Vanderbilt can work for you. The requirements and curriculum provide flexibility in program design and course selection, and the tuition, scheduling, admission and registration procedures all acknowledge the unique circumstances of the part-time adult student.   

A peer group of other qualified adults and courses taught by some of Vanderbilt’s most distinguished faculty are but a few of the ways Vanderbilt’s MLAS program strives to be the number one Master’s degree destination for adult students from Middle Tennessee and beyond.