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Alexandra Oxner

Postdoctoral Scholar & Lecturer


Alex Oxner received her Ph.D. in English from Vanderbilt and an M.A. in English from the Florida State University, where she studied Anglophone women writers. Her dissertation focuses on the intersections between metafiction and genre fiction, particularly in relation to transnational women writers who used supernaturalism to respond to inherited models of realism in the twentieth century. Alex also conducts pedagogical research and was a Teaching Fellow at Vanderbilt's Center for Teaching. She continues to teach graduate courses on digital pedagogy and college teaching techniques.

Research Interests:

Global women writers, 20th and 21st century
Feminist theory and gender criticism
Modernist and postcolonial fiction
Supernatural fiction and spiritualism
Form, genre, and theories of textuality
Scholarship of teaching and learning

Courses taught at Vanderbilt:

1230W: Gender and Genre
1230W: Rethinking Women's Writing
1210W: The Global Supernatural
1210W: Supernatural Fiction and Textual Hauntings
1210W: War and the Literary Imagination
1210W: War as Fiction, War as History