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Alexandra Oxner

Doctoral Candidate

Research Interests:

  • Twentieth-century literature, modernism
  • Elegy and mourning
  • Archival and genetic studies
  • Theories of temporality and corporeality
  • (Florida State University MA Thesis: “One Thought Fills Immensity”: Rebecca West’s Bergsonism and “Modern Elegy” in The Fountain Overflows)

Professional Honors:

  • FSU English Department Graduate Student Research Award, 2014
  • Full Tuition Scholarship for the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI)
  • The Ermine M. Owenby, Jr. Fund to Promote Excellence
  • The International Rebecca West Society Writing Award

Recent Positions:

  • FSU’s Graduate English Student Organization – Elected Member, 2014
  • Graduate Student Recruitment Coordinator, FSU, 2014
  • Research Assistant for FSU’s William S. Burroughs Archive, 2014

Courses Taught:

  • ENC 1145: Writing about Nature (Eco-criticism and the American South)
  • ENC 1101 and 1102: Rhetoric and Composition

Papers and Projects:

  • “Characterizing Absence: Woolf’s New Elegy in Jacob’s Room,” The Midwest Popular Culture/American Culture Association, October 2013
  • “An Elegy for Innocence: Bergsonian ‘Enduring Present’ and Erasure of Childhood in Rebecca West’s The Fountain Overflows,” The International Rebecca West Society Conference, September 2013