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Medical Physics Track

This track prepares students for medical school and for graduate study and careers in the health sciences. Because of the additional requirements for pre-medical students in the biological and chemical sciences, this major is best started in the sophomore year.Note that this 'track' is simply for advising purposes for help in choosing electives. All physics majors complete the same requirements for the major.

Introductory Courses: Students should strongly consider taking PHYS 1501-1502 as their first-year physics course sequence.

Recommendations for Electives and additional Coursework

Additional courses (starred courses are normal entrance requirements for medical school):

    • * General Chemistry with lab: CHEM 1601-1602 and 1601L-1602L
    • * Organic Chemistry with lab: CHEM 2221-2222 and 2221L-2222L
    • * Introduction to Biological Sciences, with lab: BSCI 1510-1511 with 1510L-1511L
    • * Biochemistry: BSCI 2520
    • PHYS 2805: Physics of Medical Imaging [3]
    • PHYS 3125: Health Physics [3]
    • PHYS 3645: Radiation Detectors and Measurements [4]

Sample Medical Physics Program

  Fall Semester Spring Semester
First Year Physics 1501 and 1501L
Math 1300
First year writing seminar
Chemistry 1601, 1601L
Physics 1502 and 1502L
Math 1301
History and Culture 1(W)
Chemistry 1601, 1601L
Second Year Physics 2250W
Astronomy 2600
BSCI 1510, 1510L
Math 2300
Humanities 1 (W)
Physics 2260W
Physics 3600
BSCI 1511, 1511L
Math 2410
Humanities 2
Third Year Physics 2270
Physics 223 or 223C
Math 2420
History and Culture 2
Chem 2221, 2221L
Physics 2290
Physics 2805
Chem 2222, 2222L
History and Culture 3
BSCI 2520
Fourth Year Social Science 1
Physics 3125
Social Science 2
History and Culture 4
Foreign Language 1
Social Science 2
Physics 3645
Humanities 3
Foreign Language 2