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Colloquium Series

Colloquia are held on Thursday afternoons at 4:00pm in Stevenson 4327, with a reception beforehand at 3:30pm in Stevenson 6333.

FALL 2023

Date SpeakerAffiliationColloquium TitleNotes
Aug 31John JumperGoogle Deep Mind TechnologyHighly Accurate Protein Structure Prediction and Its ApplicationsHost: S. Hutson
Sept 7Heinrich PaesTU-DortmundThe One - How an Ancient Idea Holds the Future of Physics Co-sponsored by VandyGRAF
Host: T. Kephart
Sept 14Stephen TaylorVanderbilt UniversityThe Dawn of Galaxy-Scale Gravitational Wave AstronomyHost: A. Lupsasca
Sept 21Alex MaloneyMcGill University Quantum Information Theory, Black Holes, and Space-timeHost: A. Lupsasca
Sept 28Roger BlandfordStanford UniversityJets, Disks and Winds from Spinning Black Holes: Nature or Nurture?Host: A. Lupsasca
Oct 5Szabolcs MarkaColumbia University Why we do what we do, with passion? Synergies in Science from Cataclysmic Cosmic Explosions to a Better Earth.
Host: K. Jani
Oct 12David KaiserMITSecret Clocks: The U.S. Military, Einstein's Relativity, and the Global Positioning System.Host: A. Lupsasca
Oct 19Fall Break
Oct 26Vedika KhemaniStanford UniversityQuantum Matter Out of Equilibrium.Host: A. Lupsasca
Nov 2Karen KaszaColumbia UniversityStress management: cell packings and tissue flows in developing embryosHost: S. Hutson
Nov 9Daniel Jafferis (Cancelled)Host: A. Lupsasca
Nov 14Carl WiemanEmeritus, Stanford UniversityForeman Lecture: Taking a scientific approach to science educationHost: J. Wikswo
Nov 16Ken ReganFraught Issues in Detecting Chess Cheating Via a Statistical ModelHost: R. Scherrer
Nov 23Thanksgiving
Nov 30Sokrates PantelidesVanderbilt UniversityA journey on the nanoscale with a combination of theory and microscopyHost: S. Hutson
Dec 7Peter SteinbergBrookhaven National LaboratoryCollisions with light at the LHC: photon-photon and photonuclear physics with ATLASHost: J-F Paquet

Past Colloquium

Date Speaker Affiliation Colloquium title Notes
12-Jan Jorge Noronha U. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Relativistic Fluid Dynamics: From Particle Colliders to Neutron Star Mergers  Co-sponsored by VandyGRAF
Host: J.-F. Paquet
19-Jan Sam Gralla U. Arizona Alice's adventures with bombs, Bobs, and black holes Co-sponsored by VandyGRAF
Host: A. Lupsasca
26-Jan Kimberly Boddy U. Texas, Austin Opportunities for Dark Matter Searches in Cosmology Co-sponsored by VandyGRAF
Host: R. Scherrer
2-Feb Chris Monahan William & Mary Pictures of a proton: quarks, gluons and hadrons from first principles Co-sponsored by VandyGRAF
Host: R. Kunnawalkam Elayavalli
9-Feb Veronica Dexheimer Kent State University Exotic matter in neutron stars Co-sponsored by VandyGRAF
Host: J. Velkovska
23-Feb Duncan Lorimer West Virginia University Making Sense of the Census -- The Cosmological Population of Fast Radio Bursts Host: S. Hutson
2-Mar Bill Press U. Texas, Austin Science in the White House Co-sponsored by VandyGRAF
Host: R. Scherrer
9-Mar James Dent Sam Houston State University Gravitational Waves and Physics Beyond the Standard Model Co-sponsored by VandyGRAF
Host: T. Kephart
23-Mar Andrew Strominger Harvard University Black Holes: The Most Mysterious Objects in the Universe Co-sponsored by VandyGRAF
Host: A. Lupsasca
30-Mar Edgar Shaghoulian U. California, Santa Cruz Black holes, cosmology, and quantum entanglement Co-sponsored by VandyGRAF
Host: A. Lupsasca
6-Apr Travis Humble Oak Ridge National Lab Discovery and Innovation in Quantum Science and Technology Co-sponsored by Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Host: S. Hutson
13-Apr Charles Gale McGill University Light from the little bang: Photons from strongly interacting matter under extreme conditions Co-sponsored by VandyGRAF
Host: J.-F. Paquet
20-Apr Mark Trodden U. Pennsylvania Gravity in the Age of Precision Cosmology  Co-sponsored by VandyGRAF
Host: R. Scherrer
27-Apr Frans Pretorius Princeton University Open Questions on the Dynamics of Black Holes Co-sponsored by VandyGRAF
Host: M. Disconzi


Date Speaker Affiliation Colloquium title Notes
01- Sept Ashok Goel Georgia Tech Using AI for Transforming Adult Learning and Online Education Guy and Rebecca Forman Lecture
Host: S. Hutson
15-Sept Josh Caldwell Vanderbilt University Strong Coupling and Extreme Anisotropy in Infrared Polaritonic Media Host:  N. Tolk
22-Sept Leo Stein University of Mississippi Gravitational waves from black hole mergers: The big picture and subtle details Host: A. Lupsasca
29-Sept Charles Gammie University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Portrait of a Black Hole Host: A. Lupsasca                                                              
Co-hosted by VandyGRAF
06-Oct Monica Pate New York University Celestial Holography Alice Clair Kimbler Hankla Lecture               
Hosts: S. Hutson and A. Lupsasca
20-Oct Shane Larson Northwestern University

The Landscape of Multi-messenger Astronomy in the Lisa Era

Host: S. Taylor
03-Nov Randy Knight California Polytechnic State University What do we know about the teaching and learning of physics? Host: S. Hutson
10-Nov Robert Pisarski Brookhaven National Laboratory Golden Ages in nuclear collisions: past, present, and future Co-hosted by VandyGRAF and the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
01-Dec Michael Johnson Harvard-Smithsonian Ctr. For Astrophysics Black Hole Shadows and Photon Rings:  Experimental Relativity with Radio Interferometry
Co-hosted by VandyGRAF and the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
08-Dec Ronald E. Mickens Clark Atlanta University 2022 Wendell G. Holladay Lecture in Physics:  Pitfalls, Perils, and Other Dangers for the Numerical Integration of Differential
Host:  The Department of Physics and Astronomy