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Physics and Astronomy Faculty Advisors

The Director of Undergraduate Studies will assign an advisor to Physics majors from the list below.  After assignment, if a student wishes to change advisors, they may elect to do so. Questions about this process should be addressed to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Steven Csorna SC 6638B 322-6546
David Ernst SC 6605 343-0483
Richard Haglund SC 6416 322-7964
Shane Hutson SC 6835 343-9980
Erin Rericha SC 6416 322-3034
Paul Sheldon SC 6907C 343-0484
Norman Tolk SC 6512 322-2786
Kalman Varga SC 6638A 343-9278
David Weintraub SC 6910 322-5034

A student wishing to declare the major in Physics (or a minor in Physics or in Astronomy) should download the Declaration of Major form from the following link, obtain a signature from their advisor, and return copies of the completed form to the Physics & Astronomy Department Office (SC 6301) and to the College of Arts & Science Dean's Office in Buttrick Hall:

Declaration of Major Form