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Colloquia are held on Thursdays at 4pm in room 4327 (building 4) of the Stevenson Science Center unless otherwise noted. Click here for directions, or phone the department. A reception with the speaker is held at 3:40pm in Stevenson 6333.

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Fall 2018

30-08-2018 16:00

Mahmoud Parvizi, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Vanderbilt University

See One, Do One, Teach One: Graduate Physics Preparation and Conditioning via Adult Learning Principles   (show abstract)

A student's advance from an undergraduate to a graduate physics program generally includes a subtle, yet often challenging, transition from the standard pedagogical approach of undergraduate studies to the andragogy intrinsic to graduate physics, i.e. trading the techniques of rote memorization and the Socratic method for self-directed and self-contained practices of adult learners. In this talk, a senior physics graduate student and core course tutor reviews his experience with both the traditional and nontraditional path through the physics pipeline in order to discuss hard-won lessons from his transition that remain applicable at all phases. The aim is to align these lessons with adult learning principles and impart a practical adaptation of Halsted's famous See One, Do One, Teach One" model, developed to prepare students in surgical residency programs, to one that prepares and conditions graduate students for core physics coursework requirements.

Host:D. Stroud

06-09-2018 16:00

Christopher White, Illinois Institute of Technology


Host:P. Sheldon


Brad Roth, Department of Physics, Oakland University

The Physics of Mechanotransduction: How Biological Tissue Responds to Mechanical Forces

Host:J. Wikswo

20-09-2018 16:00

Michael McCracken, Washington and Jefferson College

Host:S. Starko

27-09-2018 16:00

Ken Brown, Duke University

Quantum Computing

Host:K. Holley-Bockelmann

04-10-2018 16:00

Chong-Yu Ruan, Michigan State University

Host:N. Tolk

11-10-2018 16:00

Qi Zhang, Argonne National Laboratory

Ultrafast optical studies of low-dimensional materials

Host:Y Xu

18-10-2018 16:00---Fall Break

25-10-2018 16:00

Paul Corkum

High Harmonics from Solids and Gases

Host: K. Varga

01-11-2018 16:00

Kandice Tanner, NIH

Host:S. Hutson

08-11-2018 16:00

Stanislav Y. Shvartsman

Host: W. Holmes

15-11-2018 16:00

Jamie Nagle

Pushing out of our comfort zone for quark-gluon plasma formation    (show abstract)

The quark-gluon plasma is a high temperature (> a trillion Kelvin) state of matter where quarks and gluons are no longer confined inside hadrons. This plasma is studied in the laboratory via nuclear collisions at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider and the Large Hadron Collider, and displays some remarkable properties including near perfect fluidity. Recent experiments have revealed similar fluidity signatures in collisions of small systems, including proton-proton and proton/deuteron/helium-nucleus reactions. These challenge our understanding of the requirements necessary for plasma formation and the applicability of hydrodynamic modeling.

Host:J. Velkovsla

22-11-2018 16:00---Thanksgiving

29-11-2018 16:00

Gianmarco Pinton, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University

Host:S. Hutson

06-12-2018 16:00

Stephen Leone, University of California, Berkeley

Host: K. Varga

Spring 2019

10-01-2019 16:00---Reserved


17-01-2019 16:00---Reserved


24-01-2019 16:00---Reserved


31-01-2019 16:00---Reserved


07-02-2019 16:00---Reserved


14-02-2019 16:00


21-02-2019 16:00

Michael Levin, Tufts University


28-02-2019 16:00


07-03-2019 16:00---Spring Holidays

14-03-2019 16:00


21-03-2019 16:00

Steven Yalisove, University of Michigan

Ultrafast laser interactions with semiconductors

Host:R. Haglund

28-03-2019 16:00

Andrew Leifer, Princeton University


04-04-2019 16:00---FRANCIS G. SLACK LECTURE

Barbara Jacak, UC Berkeley and LBNL

Host:J. Velkovska

11-04-2019 16:00


18-04-2019 16:00