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Researchers receive $3 million NSF award

Posted by on Wednesday, October 5, 2022 in Accolades.

Vanderbilt University researchers from the departments of physics and astronomy, math, electrical engineering, and history have received a $3 million National Science Foundation Research Traineeship Award to establish a graduate certificate program in the emerging field of multimessenger astronomy (MMA). Over five years, the program will train and educate 300 physics, astronomy, math, and engineering graduate students through national summer schools and courses at Vanderbilt and Fisk Universities. Led by Stevenson Professor of Physics and Astronomy Kelly Holley-Bockelmann, students included in the Establishing Multimessenger Astronomy Inclusive Training program will be among the first pursuing research in this field. The field of MMA collects and harmonizes messages from space in the form of visible light, X-rays, gamma rays, high-energy particles, and gravitational waves to learn more about the universe.