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‘Gilbert Gonzales’

inter+SECTIONS: LGBTQ Health + Public Policy with Gilbert Gonzales

Jun. 15, 2023—Gilbert Gonzales, assistant professor of medicine, health, and society, works at the intersection of LGBTQ health and public policy. A subject area where there once was limited data, Gonzales and colleagues have worked to bolster the research available to help inform both the public and the decision makers who form policies that affect health outcomes...

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Vanderbilt LGBTQ+ Policy Lab founders conduct first research on health effects of legal same-sex marriage

Jun. 9, 2022—NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Leaders of Vanderbilt’s LGBTQ+ Policy Lab have provided the first comprehensive evidence on the effects of access to legal same-sex marriage. Their efforts revealed that marriage access impacted the LGBTQ+ community positively in multiple ways. The first-of-its-kind study, published last year, analyzed aspects of both marriage and health in same-sex households following the full...

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