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Dean's Office, College of Arts & Science 

John Geer, Ginny and Conner Searcy Dean of the College of Arts and Science
Professor of Political Science
Co-Director, Vanderbilt Poll
404 Buttrick Hall

Main phone for Dean Geer's office: (615) 322-2851

La Tisha Moore, Interim Special Assistant to the Dean
404 Buttrick Hall
(615) 343-3141

UNDERGRADUATES with questions  should contact  the Office of Undergraduate Education 
at ( 615) 343-5387 or visit 350 Buttrick Hall.

Hollis Calhoun, Executive Director of Strategic Affairs & Communications
404F Buttrick Hall
(615) 343-1860

Adrienne Burns, Communications Manager
404C Buttrick Hall
(615) 343-2955

Kathryn Royster, Digital Content Strategist
404D Buttrick Hall
(615) 875-9198

Undergraduate Education

André Christie-Mizell, Dean of Undergraduate Education
Professor of Sociology
404N Buttrick Hall

La Tisha Moore, Executive Secretary
350 Buttrick Hall
(615) 343-3141

Roger Moore, Associate Dean
Principal Senior Lecturer in English
350 Buttrick Hall

Dan Morgan, Associate Dean
Senior Lecturer in Earth & Environmental Sciences
350F Buttrick Hall

Andrea Hearn, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Education 
350A Buttrick Hall
(615) 875-5831

Carrie Russell, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Education; Director of MLAS and Pre-Law Advising
350 Buttrick Hall
(615) 322-5023

Catesby McGehee, Director of Pre-Major Advising Resource Center
Suite 225, Martha Rivers Ingram Commons
(615) 343-0157

Racquel Goff, Academic Services Coordinator
350B Buttrick Hall
PMB 357803
(615) 322-7937

Lydia Abell, Administrative Coordinator
350 Buttrick Hall
PMB 357803
(615) 343-5387

Academic Affairs

Bonnie J. Dow, Dean of Academic Affairs
Professor of Communication Studies
404L Buttrick Hall

Faculty Affairs

Kamal Saggi, Dean of Faculty Affairs 
Frances and John Downing Family Professor of Economics
404J Buttrick Hall

Melissa Wocher, Director of Faculty Affairs
404H Buttrick Hall
PMB 407801
(615) 343-3143

Megan Allen, Administrative Manager
404 Buttrick Hall
(615) 322-3184

Brooklyn Bryant, Administrative Specialist
404 Buttrick Hall
(615) 343-3149

Please direct all scheduling requests for Dean Dow, Dean Saggi, or Dean Wright to Brooklyn Bryant.

Graduate Education & Research

David Wright, Dean of Graduate Education & Research
Stevenson Professor of Chemistry
404K Buttrick Hall

Finance & Administration

Patrick Retton, Chief Business Officer
404G Buttrick Hall
PMB 407776
(615) 875-9005

Josh Brewer, Associate Business Officer 
404B Buttrick Hall
PMB 407776
(615) 322-7593

Ashley Lemieux, Senior Administrative Officer for Humanities 
350GB Buttrick Hall
(615) 322-6267

Lindsey Bunt, Senior Administrative Officer for Dean's Office & Academic Programs
404A Buttrick Hall
PMB 407776
(615) 343-3157

Natasha Duncan, Senior Administrative Officer for Social Sciences
350GA Buttrick Hall
(615) 322-3561

Eric Dye, Senior Administrative Officer for Sponsored Research  
412A Buttrick Hall
PMB #351811 
(615) 343-1710

Jerry Hager, Senior Administrative Officer for Natural Sciences
350GC Buttrick Hall
(615) 875-8332

Ginger Hitts, Senior Administrative Officer for Space Planning, Facilities, and Capital Projects
404M Buttrick Hall
PMB 407784
(615) 322-2845

Barbara Haseltine, Senior Grants Manager 
412 Buttrick Hall
(615) 343-9612

Sarazen Kokodynsky, Grants Manager
412 Buttrick Hall
(615) 343-0986

Aaron Covey, Facilities Analyst
220B Stevenson Center Molecular Biology
(615) 343-6545

Amber Miller, Administrative Manager
350G Buttrick Hall
PMB 407776
(615) 875-7897

Development and Alumni Relations

Jonathan Petty, Associate Dean of Development and Alumni Relations
Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Room 1231
(615) 322-8119

Rachel Wierenga, Senior Director of Development
Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Room 1232
(615) 343-3858

Rebecca Vaughn, Associate Director of Development
Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Suite 1200
(615) 322-4405

Margaret Raney, Associate Director of Development
Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Suite 1200
(615) 322-4086

Kacy Eoff, Associate Director of Leadership Annual Giving
Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Suite 1200
(615) 322-1168

Mary Brenna Corr, Associate Director of Development
Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Suite 1200

Caroline Stuart, Associate Director of Development
Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Suite 1200

Kirsten Johnson, Associate Director of Leadership Annual Giving
Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Suite 1200

Navin Ramoutar, Associate Director of Leadership Annual Giving
Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Suite 1200

Elizabeth Quinton, Development Coordinator
Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Suite 1200
(615) 343-1948

Rachel Rotter, DAR Assistant
Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Suite 1200