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African American and Diaspora Studies Marks 50 Years at Vanderbilt

Dec. 13, 2019—In 1969, according to librarian Jason Schultz, African American studies was a field “on the margins” at Vanderbilt. Just nine years before, the university had expelled divinity student James Lawson for helping to organize lunch counter sit-ins in downtown Nashville. But landmark events, such as the 1961 Freedom Rides and 1965 Selma march, brought the...

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“Works in Progress” Seminar Brings Together Top African American Studies Scholars

Sep. 25, 2019—Thames Street in Newport, Rhode Island is a picturesque street in a picturesque New England town. Upscale shops, Gilded Age mansions, and boutique inns draw in tourists every summer. But for a few days of the season, this small corner of Newport is also a hub for scholarly progress. On July 30, 2019, more than...

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