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Calculus Preparation and Placement

There are three calculus options for students who do not have existing calculus credit at Vanderbilt. The Department recommends that students do not skip any calculus courses, and that students start a calculus sequence at the beginning unless they have credit (possibly AP or transfer credit) for prerequisite courses. The three options are:

Math 1100 (formerly 140): A one-semester survey of calculus that does not require knowledge of trigonometry
Math 1200 (formerly 150a): A slower paced course that begins with a three-week review of algebra and trigonometry
Math 1300 (formerly 155a): An accelerated course intended for students who need to complete the calculus sequence in three semesters

Students that do not feel comfortable with the calculus preparation material provided below can first take Math 1005 (formerly 133), which is a semester long course that covers the prerequisite algebra and trigonometry necessary for Math 1200 and 1300.

Students who scored a 5 on the BC AP Calculus exam, are confident in their mathematical abilities, and are interested in taking mathematics courses beyond calculus should consider Math 2500-2501 (formerly 205a-b).

  1. Calculus placement policy (includes description of AP credit)
  2. More information on Math 2500-2501


This section contains review material on algebra and trigonometry. Students can use this material for review before beginning a calculus sequence (Math 1200-1201 or Math 1300-1301-2300).

  1. Topics for Algebra and Trigonometry Review
  2. Study Material
  3. Typical Problems:
  4. Sample Tests:
    1. Exam I
    2. Exam II
    3. Answers to each Exam

For further information, contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Mathematics, Prof. Henry Chan,


Updated May 5, 2023