Faculty Awards

Alfred Tarski Lectures – University of California, Berkeley
Ralph McKenzie (2003)
Bjarni Jónsson (1991)

American Academy of Arts & Sciences
Vaughan Jones (1993)

American Mathematical Society Fellows
Akram Aldroubi (2014)
Dietmar Bisch (2013)
Mark N. Ellingham (2013)
Vaughan Jones (2013)
Ralph McKenzie (2016)
Alexander Olshanskii (2015)
Edward Saff (2013)
Mark Sapir (2013)
Larry L. Schumaker (2018)
Glenn F. Webb (2013)

Clay Scholars Program
Dietmar Bisch (2002-2003)

Fellow of the Royal Society
Vaughan Jones (1990)

Fields Medal
Vaughan Jones (1990)

Fulbright Scholar Program
Bruce Hughes – Scholar Award (1990-1991)
Ralph McKenzie – Senior Scholar Award (Fall 1989)
Edward Saff – Scholar Award (1968-1969)

Guggenheim Fellowship
Vaughan Jones (1986)
Edward Saff (1978)

Heisenberg Fellowship
Dietmar Bisch (1995-1998)

Humboldt Awards
Mary Ann Horn – Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow (2000-2001)
Larry Schumaker – Alexander von Humboldt Prize (1989)
Larry Schumaker – Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow (1978-1979)

ICM Speakers
Mark Sapir (2006)
Dietmar Bisch (2002)
Gennadi Kasparov (1982)
Alexander Ol’shanskii (1982)
Bjarni Jónsson (1974)

ICM Plenary Speakers
Vaughan Jones (1990)

IMA Postdoctoral Fellowship
Mary Ann Horn (1992-1993)

Lady Davis Fellowship
Mark Sapir (2003)

MSRI Awards
Mark Sapir – MSRI Simons Research Professorship (Fall 2007)
Dechao Zheng – MSRI Postdoctoral Fellow (1992-1993)
Dietmar Bisch – MSRI Postdoctoral Fellow (1991-1992)

National Academy of Sciences
Vaughan Jones (1999)

New Zealand Order of Merit
Vaughan Jones – Knights Companion (KNZM) (2002)

NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship for Minorities
John Ratcliffe (1981-1982)

NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
Jesse Peterson (2006-2008)

Prix Mondial Nessim Habiv
Vaughan Jones (2007)

Rhodes Scholarship
Vaughan Jones (1973)

Sloan Foundation Fellowship
Jesse Peterson (2009-2011)
Vaughan Jones (1983)
Ralph McKenzie (1973-1975)

Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics Fellows
Larry Schumaker (2013)

Other Awards:
Australian Academy of Science, Corresponding Member – Vaughan Jones (1991)
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Foreign Member – Edward Saff (2013)
China National Prize of Natural Sciences, Third Class – Daoxing Xia (with Yan, S. Z.) (1982)
China National Prize of Natural Sciences, Fourth Class – Daoxing Xia (with Gung S.) (1982)
Max Planck Research Award (jointly with J. Cuntz) – Gennadi Kasparov (1993)
Hungarian Academy of Sciences: Niveau Prize – Michael Plummer (1991)
for the 1986 book “Matching Theory” (with László Lovász))
New Zealand Government Science Medal (Now Rutherford Medal) – Vaughan Jones (1993)
Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Foreign Member – Larry Schumaker (2006)
Onsager Medal of Trondheim University – Vaughan Jones (2000)
Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters, Foreign Member – Vaughan Jones (2001)
Science Academy of China, Academician – Daoxing Xia (1980)
University of Munster (Germany), Honorary Doctor’s Degree – Gennadi Kasparov (2002)
Zhejiang Normal University, China: Honorary Professor of Mathematics – Edward Saff (1987)