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B.F. Bryant Award for Excellence in Teaching

The B. F. Bryant Prize for Excellence in Teaching is awarded annually to a graduate teaching assistant in the Department of Mathematics. The B.F. Bryant award was established in 1987 in honor of Billy F. Bryant, Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus, who taught at Vanderbilt from 1948 to 1986. The award is given each spring to a graduate teaching assistant who has demonstrated concern for and accomplishments in teaching, qualities that characterized the career of Professor Bryant.

Bryant received a B.S. from the University of South Carolina, a master’s degree from Peabody College, and his doctoral degree from Vanderbilt. During his 38-year career in the Department of Mathematics, he directed the research in topology of seven Ph.D. students and received the Sarratt Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and the Thomas Jefferson Award for service in the governance of the University. He served as the chair of the Department of Mathematics from 1970 to 1976.

Past Recipients

2020 – Hayden Jananthan and Frank Wagner
2019 – Blake Dunshee and Ryan Solava
2018 – Sahana Balasubramany and Jordan Nikkel
2017 – Chang-Hsin Lee and Timothy Michaels
2016 – Corey Jones and Colin Klaus
2015 – Michael Northington
2014 – Emily Marshall
2013 – Michael Hull and William Young
2012 – Jeremy LeCrone and Justin Schroeder
2011 – Tara Davis and Hang Wang
2010 – Justin Fitzpatrick
2009 – Matt Calef
2008 – Jan Spakula
2007 – Fumiko Futamura and Casey Leonetti
2006 – Daniel Paul Biebighauser
2005 – Dmitriy M. Sonkin
2004 – Mozhgan Mirani
2003 – D. Chris Stephens
2002 – Derek O. Bruff and Nikolaos Galatos
2001 – Amy H. Lin and J. Alan Alewine
2000 – Sarah Ann Stewart and Ian P. Stobert
1999 – Lea A. Overby and Tanya M. Morton
1998 – John W. Snow
1997 – David Assaf, IV
1996 – Robert N. Talbert
1995 – J. Derrick Head and Jeffrey A. Marasovich
1994 – Deborah L. Cotten
1993 – Sonya F. Stanley and Amy L. Wildsmith
1992 – D. Kirk Menser
1991 – Thomas P. Bass, Jr.
1990 – Bradford F. Lyon
1989 – James B. Hart
1988 – John J. Mika
1987 – Marvin E. Glover, Jr.
1986 – Michael R. Pinter