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Major in Latino and Latina Studies


The interdisciplinary major in Latino and Latina Studies consists of thirty-six (36) credit hours. The specific requirements are as follows: 

  • LATS 2201, Introduction to Latina and Latino Studies - (3 hours)
  • SPAN 3303, Introduction to Spanish and Spanish American Literature - (3 hours)
  • SPAN 3303 requires up to 19 prerequisite hours of Spanish language instruction through  SPAN 3302, depending on departmental placement
  • ENGL 3658, Latino-American Literature - (3 hours)
  • LATS 4961, Latino and Latina Studies Capstone, which is usually taken in the senior year - (3 hours)
  • Eight elective courses (24 hours) with at least two from Group A (Latina/o Culture)  and two from Group B (Historical Context), if not already applied to satisfy above requirements

Minor in Latino and Latina Studies 


Students pursuing the interdisciplinary minor must complete eighteen (18) credit hours. The specific requirements are as follows:

  • LATS 2201, Introduction to Latina and Latino Studies - (3 hours)
  • SPAN 3303 or ENGL 3658 - (3 hours).  If both courses are taken, only one may be applied as elective credit
  • LATS 4961, Latino and Latina Studies Seminar - (3 hours)
  • Three other courses (9 hours), with at least one from Group A (Latina/o Culture) and one from Group B (Historical Context), if not already applied to satisfy above requirements. 


*Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and there are many additional courses which could meet the electives requirements. Please contact Gretchen Selcke, Director of Latino and Latina Studies with questions regarding other elective options. 


ENGL 3658: Latino-American Literature.

HIST 2725: Race, Power, and Modernity. 

HOD 2510: Health Service Delivery to Diverse Population. 

SOC 3702: Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the United States.
SOC 3322: Immigration in America.

SPAN 3302: Spanish for Oral Communication Through Cultural Topics.
SPAN 3303: Introduction to Spanish and Spanish American Literature.
SPAN 3345: Spanish for Business & Economics.
SPAN 3830: Spanish for the Medical Profession.
SPAN 4310: Translation and Interpretation.
SPAN 3835: Latino Immigration Experience.
SPAN 4750: Afro-Hispanic Literature.
SPAN 4755: Latina and Latin American Women Writers.


AADS 3178: Colonialism and After.

ANTH 2106: Culture and Power in Latin America.
ANTH 2220: Human Landscapes.                                                                                       
ANTH 3240: Ancient Mesoamerican Civilizations.
ANTH 3242: The Archaeology of the Ancient Maya Civilization.
ANTH 3202: The Collapse of Civilizations.
ANTH 3160: Anthropologies and Archaeologies of Community
ANTH 3161: Colonial Encounters in the Americas.
ANTH 3241: The Aztecs.
ANTH 3243: Classic Maya Religion and Politics. 

ENGL 3674: Caribbean Literature.

HIST 1380: Modern Latin America.
HIST 2450: Reform, Crisis, and Independence in Latin America, 1700-1820.
HIST 2480: Central America.
HIST 2570: Caribbean History, 1492-1983.
HIST 2580: American Indian History before 1850.
HIST 2590: American Indian History since 1850.
HIST 286B: US & Caribbean Encounters. 

LAS 2101: Introduction to Latin America. 

MUSL 2110: Music in Latin America and Caribbean.

SPAN 4450: The Contemporary Novel.
SPAN 4740: Spanish-American Literature of the Boom Era.
SPAN 4760: Literature and Medicine.
SPAN 4465: The Theory and Practice of Drama.
SPAN 3892: Special Topics in Hispanic Literature.


AADS 1010: Introduction to African American and Diaspora Studies.

PHIL 3617: Philosophy of Language.

PSCI 3217: Latin American Politics
PSCI 2219: Politics of Mexico
PSCI 3228: International Politics of Latin America
PSCI 3264W: Global Feminisms 

SOC 3314: Environmental Inequality & Justice.
SOC 3612: Class, Status, and Power.
SOC 3701: Racial Domination, Racial Progress.
SOC 3232: Contemporary Mexican Society. 

WGS 1150(W): Sex and Gender in Everyday Life.
WGS 3201: Women and Gender in Transnational Context.