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About Us

Latino and Latina Studies focuses on cultural production and political and socioeconomic experiences of people inculcated with the US experience, self-identifying as Latinx and communicating primarily in English and sometimes in Spanish. The LATS major and minor examines this enduring and dynamic population that crosses and re-crosses borders constructed by geography, linguistics, class, race, and gender.  This program of study is designed to accommodate a range of voices and multiple manifestations of cultural identity and expression in historical and contemporary contexts to fill in this vital but often overlooked component of our national identity and discourse.

Gretchen Selcke

Gretchen Selcke


Latino and Latina Studies Program


Latinx, Caribbean, and Afro-Hispanic Literatures, Social Entrepreneurship in Latinx Communities

Lorraine Lopez

Lorraine López

Faculty Director

English, Latino and Latina Studies Program


Latinx Literature; Contemporary Native American Literature; Graphic Novel; Detective Fiction

Elsa Mercado Sanchez

Elsa S. Mercado

Graduate Assistant

Spanish and Portuguese, Latino and Latina Studies Program


Spanish and Portuguese


Latino and Latina Studies Program:

220G Garland Hall
2117 West End Avenue
Nashville, TN 37203

Mailing Address:

Latino and Latina Studies Program
Vanderbilt University 
PMB 351806
2301 Vanderbilt Place
Nashville, Tennessee 37235-1806


Susan Berk-Seligson —Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
Celso Castilho —Assistant Professor of History
Katharine Donato —Professor of Sociology
Marshall Eakin —Professor of History
Gary Gerstle —Professor of History
Ruth Hill —Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
Peter Hudson —Assistant Professor of History
Jane Landers —Professor of History
Lorraine López —Associate Professor of English
William Luis —Professor of Spanish
Paul Miller —Assistant Professor of French and Italian
Ifeoma Nwankwo —Associate Professor of English
Keivan Stassun —Associate Professor of Astronomy and Physics
Tracy Sharpley-Whiting —Professor of African American and Diaspora Studies
Benigno Trigo —Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
Edward Wright-Ríos —Associate Professor of History


Candice Amich English
Celso Castilho —History
Rory Dicker —English and Women's and Gender Studies                                             
Marshall Eakin —History
Edward Fischer —Anthropology
William Fowler —Anthropology
Robert Fry —Music
Gary Gerstle —History
Teresa Goddu —American Studies
Jennifer Gunderman —Music
Ruth Hill —Spanish and Portuguese
Peter Hudson —History
Ifeoma Nwankwo —English
Jane Landers —History
Richard Douglas Lloyd —Sociology
William Luis —Spanish and Portuguese
Marzia Milazzo —English
Paul Miller —French and Italian
Michelle Murray —Spanish and Portuguese
Dana Nelson —English and American Studies
Tiffany Ruby Patterson —African American and Diaspora Studies
Jemima Pierre —African American and Diaspora Studies
Richard Pitt —Sociology
Frank Robinson —History
Tracy Sharpley-Whiting —African American and Diaspora Studies
Haerin Shin —English
Hortense Spillers —English
Benigno Trigo —Spanish and Portuguese
Cynthia Wasick —Spanish and Portuguese
Edward Wright Ríos —History
Elizabeth Zechmeister —Political Science