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Mission Statement

Vanderbilt Latina/o Studies (LATS) is a multidisciplinary program that considers the presence of Latinas/os and Hispanics as an integral part of US culture and history. Latinas/os and Hispanics are a critical component of our expanding and growing nation, from the early nineteenth century to the present. In the contemporary period, Latinas/os and Hispanics represent significant social, economic, and political groups that contribute to the nation and concepts of the national. The curriculum considers courses that explore the Latina/o and Hispanic experience, mainly in the United States, but also as it intersects with other national and geographic boundaries across the disciplines. The program’s mission is to study the many manifestations of Latina/o culture and identity and to sustain an ongoing conversation with traditional departments, such as Anthropology, English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Spanish and Portuguese, Sociology, and Religious Studies, along with programs such as American Studies, Latin American Studies, African American and Diaspora Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies. The program seeks to understand the contributions of Latinas/os and how they represent a central pillar for intellectual reflection and cultural production in this nation.

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