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Additional Opportunities for Teachers

Opportunities for Teachers

2016 Summer Institutes for Educators

CLASP member institutions regularly hold high quality and engaging summer teacher institutes for K-16 educators. To help ensure that these nationwide programs are publicized and made available to teachers across the country, CLASP distributes a compiled program list. Below are selective summer institutes scheduled for 2016.
Food: Cultures and Controversies Around the World
Date: June 6 – 9, 2016
Type: Teacher Institute
Location: Austin, Texas
Description: If you’ve glanced at a menu or taken a stroll down the grocery aisle lately, you know our tastes in food have changed dramatically in the past few decades. From chipotles and wasabi to açai berries and curries of all sorts, there’s no denying that the world has gotten smaller and our palettes have been the benefactors. This isn’t a new process: from the first traders who set out along the Indian Ocean coast in prehistory, to the global spice trade that sent Columbus sailing the ocean blue in search of wealth that grows on trees, to Gandhi’s march to demand the right to make salt from the water lapping at India’s shores, the result of countless powerful economic, political, and social forces can often be seen on the dinner plate. And it continues, with new worries about how to feed the world’s growing population without overfishing the seas and over harvesting the earth concern scientists and policymakers alike. This year’s Hemispheres Summer Teachers’ Institute will examine the cultures and controversies associated with one of the most basic things all human being share: food.
Deadline: First-come, first-served
Sponsor: Hemispheres, The University of Texas at Austin’s international outreach consortium; LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies & Collections; Center for European Studies; Center for Middle Eastern Studies; Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies ; South Asia Institute
Contact: or Lindsey Engelman at

Teaching Cuban Culture & Society: A Summer Educator Institute in Cuba
Date: June 18 – July 2, 2016
Type: Teacher Institute Abroad
Location: Havana, Cuba
Description: The Stone Center for Latin American Studies is offering a unique summer study abroad program for K-12 teachers in Havana, Cuba in 2016. This two-week program provides the unique opportunity to work on developing lesson plans while exploring the sights and sounds of a nation and people that remain obscured behind political rhetoric and misinformation. Recent economic changes on the island have provoked a series of social and cultural transformations that have left Cubans and the entire world wondering what could be next for the island and the Revolution. Don’t miss the chance to witness some of these challenges and triumphs firsthand and get the opportunity to bring your experience back to your students in the classroom. Tulane’s summer program is locally sponsored and supported by the National Union of Writers and Artists (UNEAC). Participants will stay within walking distance of the Malecón, the university, and several cultural venues. In addition to field trips in Havana, there will also be group excursions to the historic cities of Trinidad and Cienfuegos, the Che Guevara monument in Santa Clara, Playa Girón, and Viñales.
Deadline: March 28, 2016
Sponsor: Tulane University Stone Center for Latin American Studies
Contact: Denise Woltering-Vargas, Manager of Educational & Community Programs, Stone Center for Latin American Studies, Tulane University:, 504-862-3143
Summer Seminars Abroad for Spanish Teachers: Barranquilla, Colombia
Date: July 11-28, 2016
Type: Teacher Seminar Abroad
Location: Barranquilla, Colombia
Description: During this 17-day summer workshop, teachers will attend classes held at Universidad del Norte, one of the highest-ranking institutions of higher education in Colombia. Teachers will have access to all the resources of the Universidad del Norte, including study halls and computer labs, WiFi access, athletic facilities, student cafeterias, and more. This year’s program offers one linguistics seminar and class will be conducted four or five hours a day, for a total of ten days. Time will be spent on organization and analysis of data in order to add a new perspective to the out-of-class language experience. Participants will also spend a three-day weekend in Cartagena, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the most well-preserved colonial cities in the Americas.
Deadline: April 18, 2016
Sponsors: The Ohio State University Center for Latin American Studies and Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Contact: Rachel Sanabria, SSAST Coordinator, (614) 292-7388,

Latin American Populations and Culture

Date: June 6-10, 2016
Type: Teacher Institute
Location: Champaign, Illinois
Description: This professional development workshop is open to high school and community college educators and librarians. The course will offer an introduction to populations and cultures in Latin America, with a particular focus on Indigenous and Afro-Hispanic populations and their linguistic varieties. Participants will have the opportunity to share, make revisions to their own materials, and/or create new materials to be shared with all. Activities include authentic aura/visual materials and daily extra-curricular cultural activities that will highlight a specific population and region, as well as complementary lectures and related programming.
Deadline: May 10, 2016
Sponsor: Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, University of Illinois
Contact: Alejandra Seufferheld, Outreach Coordinator,

Designs for Sustainability in Latin America

Date: July 6-8, 2016
Type: Teacher Institute
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Description: This K-16 teacher institute explores innovative solutions for creating a sustainable future for Latin America. Presenting examples from the countryside and city, participants will learn about projects to create a green economy and sustainable development that improves the incomes, health and access to educational and political resources for all of the regions’ citizens. The institute offers teachers a variety of case studies and potential instructional materials they can incorporate into their classroom that shed light on the significant challenges the region has faced and many of the entrepreneurial actors, programs and policies that offer hope for the future. Professional development grants available for both Wisconsin and out-of-state educators. Please inquire for details.
Deadline: June 3, 2016
Sponsor: UW-Milwaukee, UW-Madison, UW-Whitewater
Contact: Julie Kline, Associate Director, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, UWMilwaukee: