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As you embark upon the beginning of your journey at the College of Arts and Science as an undergraduate, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from exciting and enriching academic paths.

Faculty will guide you to explore the full spectrum of fields of study, including discipline-focused majors (such as Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Mathematics, History of Art and English) to interdisciplinary majors (for example, Medicine, Health, and Society, Neuroscience, Cinema and Media Studies and African American and Diaspora Studies) to language and area studies (including French and Italian, German and Slavic, and Asian Studies). You can also undertake double majors and complement your primary field of study by minoring in Chemistry, Spanish, Financial Economics, Corporate Strategy Theatre, and many others.

To fine-tune your academic skills, you’ll take a First Year Writing Seminar, which hones writing and analytical aptitude, and participate in Vanderbilt Visions, an ongoing, small-group orientation program that explores topical issues through the lens of communal learning. In addition, the undergraduate curriculum program in the College of Arts and Science that all students must fulfill, AXLE (Achieving Excellence in Liberal Education), enhances critical thinking and research acumen to prepare you for the advanced studies you’ll eventually undertake.

In accordance with the College of Arts and Science’s commitment to balancing the dynamic energies of a major research university with the collegiate sense of community, you’ll have the chance to join the Ingram Commons, an educational network open to all first-year students that facilitates creative inquiry and engaged citizenship. You’ll congregate in ten distinct Houses located in one of the most historic, picturesque areas of the Vanderbilt campus, where you’ll be able to meet and connect with faculty residents of the Commons, as well as other distinguished professors, speakers and professionals.