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Workshop on Organizations, Work, and Labor

The Workshop on Organizations, Work, and Labor (OWL) is a space for faculty and students to discuss their work-in-progress on organizations, work, and labor. OWL addresses the reproduction and dismantling of social hierarchies, and the reconstitution of just, egalitarian, and healthy communities, in and around economic organizations, spaces, networks, and labor markets. OWL meets approximately three times per semester, online or in person, to discuss the work-in-progress of workshop participants and occasionally hosts an outside speaker. Work-in-progress includes faculty research projects; graduate student masters theses, dissertation proposals, doctoral dissertations, and practice job talks; and undergraduate student Immersion projects and honors theses.

Participating OWL faculty hail from the Sociology department, Medicine, Health and Society department, Owen Graduate School of Management, and Peabody College and include:

  • Bruce Barry
  • Dan Cornfield (Workshop Coordinator)
  • David Diehl
  • Rachel Donnelly
  • Alexandre Frenette
  • Joanne Golann
  • Larry Isaac
  • Lucie Kalousov√°
  • Josh Murray
  • Ranga Ramanujam
  • Mariano Sana
  • Lijun Song
  • Laura Stark
  • Timothy Vogus
  • Jake Watson