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Careers in Business, Advertising and Public Relations

Several of our undergraduates in recent classes have gone on to jobs in advertising, media, public relations, and other private-sector careers. Vanderbilt’s sociology department has a wide range of courses that provide basic understanding of social differences, the media, and culture that can provide a solid background for careers that involve the human dimensions of business. There are many courses on gender, race, ethnicity, and social difference that are important for a person developing a career pathway in this area. In addition, some recently offered courses related to media and culture are listed below.

If you combine the sociology major with the minor in managerial studies, you will gain the technical skills to launch a successful career in the private or nonprofit sectors. The minor includes courses in accounting, management, organization, human resources, and other crucial areas.

What courses would be best for this career option?
Almost every sociology course is relevant, but a few are particularly relevant:

  • Courses on social differences, such as “Racial Domination, Racial Progress” and “Gender Identities, Interactions, and Relations”
  • Courses on law and organizations, such as “Human Behavior in Organizations” and “Law and Society”
  • Courses that give you analytical skills, such as “Statistics for Social Scientists,” “Sociological Perspectives, and “Introduction to Social Research”
  • Courses on creativity and consumption, such as “Creativity and Innovation in Society” and “Cultural Consumption and Audiences”

Sample Alumnae and Alumni Careers
Here are a few examples of alumnae and alumni who have gone into the business sector:

  • Sadiki Etienne (BA, 2006) is Senior Consultant position with Dalberg Global Development, a private consulting firm that was started some years ago by two partners from McKinsey & Company and has 10 offices globally. Dalberg advises corporations, financial institutions, NGOs and governments, specifically in emerging markets.
  • Jamie Hooker (BA, 2012) is Recruiter for Human Resources, Epic Systems, a health software company.
  • Cecile Lauzan (BA, 2012) plans to develop her own events planning business and is currently interning in Washington, DC, at the Carlyle Group with their corporate events team.

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