Students dig into super-massive volcanic eruptions.

Research at the College of Arts and Science

Research, scholarship, and creative expression are at the heart of living and learning in the College of Arts & Science.

Research activities in the College span an enormous breadth of scholarly areas, from the natural sciences, to the social sciences, to the humanities and the arts -- and many emerging interdisciplinary areas in between. Research in the College also engages all members of this vibrant community, from early exposure experiences for freshmen and sophomores, to immersive deep-dive experiences for juniors and seniors, to original discovery by graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, to cutting-edge research by our world renowned faculty. Other forms of scholarly and creative expression also abound in the College, from acclaimed new works of art, poetry, and fiction, to published books and articles in academic and popular presses, to policy and advocacy pieces addressing real problems impacting society today.

Finally, through major strategic investments by the university and through the generous support of our alumni and benefactors, the College serves as home to major centers, institutes, and initiatives that advance knowledge and impact through research, application, action, and community engagement.

Slavery Archive

Vanderbilt slavery archive set to reach wider audience through new multi-institutional data hub

Cats Dogs

 It's true—Dogs possess more brain power than cats 

Climate Change

Climate change concerns much higher in Latin America, Caribbean than U.S., Canada