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When a possible external funding opportunity is identified for a research project or fellowship, please complete our brief Notice of Intent (NOI) online form as soon as possible prior to the sponsor’s submission deadline. Once your information is entered via the NOI portal, one of our Grant Managers will contact you and assist with the preparation and submission of your application.  


For standard, single investigator applications, please submit the above form to our office no less than three weeks prior to the sponsor’s due date.

For broader applications, such as multi-investigator, multi-project, or trans-institutional research, please submit the above form to our office no less than six weeks prior to the sponsor’s due date.

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Please review the full submission policy.
Review and Approval

For each proposal submitted by the University on behalf of a faculty member or student, a separate internal record is created in the University’s electronic application and routed for internal approvals.

Once the departmental or Arts and Science Research grant manager routes the internal proposal record, each department (and school) included in the proposal will electronically review and approve it prior to the proposal reaching the College.

The Office of Research reviews and approves each of these internal proposal records on behalf of the College.