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College of Arts and Science faculty share recommendations for reading women authors

Mar. 25, 2021—Women’s History Month is both an opportunity and an invitation: an opportunity to learn more about an often-hidden side of history and culture, and an invitation to develop a new awareness, concerns, and habits of learning that can carry through the rest of the year. As part of the College of Arts and Science’s celebration...

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Tiffany Ruby Patterson: Raising the voices of the unheard

Feb. 17, 2021—From a young age, Associate Professor of African American and Diaspora Studies Tiffany Ruby Patterson loved to learn. She read voraciously throughout her childhood: a set of World Book encyclopedias purchased by her uncle, an entire library left behind by the former owner of her family’s apartment building. That early love of books continued into...

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Vanderbilt Debate overcomes COVID-19 challenges to break new ground in civic engagement

Jan. 22, 2021—One year ago, Sahil “Sael” Soni ’21, a chemistry and economics double major, had just returned from a blue-ribbon performance in Vanderbilt Debate’s first-ever international competition. He was looking forward to finishing the 2019-2020 season on a high note, as were his teammates. For the last 30 years, Vanderbilt Debate has been a national leader,...

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Executive Directors of Nation’s Largest Humanities Associations Visit College of Arts and Science

Feb. 6, 2020—In a corner room of the Jean and Alexander Heard Library, with centuries of history and literature filling the floors above and below them, a packed room of students and faculty sat listening as the executive directors of the nation’s two largest humanities organizations shared their perspectives on “Humanities for the Next Generation.” Paula Krebs...

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