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East House Closes LGBTQI History Month with Dinner Focused on LGBTQI Scholarship, Advocacy

Nov. 4, 2019—Once or twice a month, the faculty residence at East House—one of ten houses where first-year students live on the Ingram Commons—is filled with the smell of a delicious catered dinner. Faculty Head of House Elizabeth Meadows cautiously opens her front door: her dog Luna loves to dash out and greet the visitors arriving for...

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Professor, Chemist, Mentor: Steve Townsend, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Oct. 28, 2019—Steve Townsend’s office has a lot of the hallmarks you would expect to find in a chemistry professor’s office: models of chemical bonds sitting on the desk, academic and industry awards lining the bookshelf, and published papers pinned to the corkboard outside. But these ordinary items also hint at Townsend’s professional success. This year alone,...

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