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‘Business Minor’

Becoming a successful leader: ‘You want everyone to be ten feet tall’

Sep. 28, 2021—“Leadership is a choice – a title doesn’t entitle you to anything.” That is the belief of Patrick Leddin, associate professor of the practice of managerial studies, as he guides readers through the journey to becoming a successful leader in his new book, The 5 Week Leadership Challenge. Before arriving at Vanderbilt’s College of Arts...

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Persistence in a pandemic: College of Arts and Science students complete summer internships with innovative businesses

Oct. 23, 2020—Though the COVID-19 pandemic scuttled many students’ original summer 2020 plans, College of Arts and Science students adapted quickly. Through technology, creativity, and determination, they found ways to expand their horizons and continue preparing for life after Vanderbilt. Students Emery Little, Lucas Ludgate, Brooke Ellis, and Jaime Perez all used their summers to complete internships...

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