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Hananeel Morinville, BA’25, selected for highly competitive leadership program

Posted by on Thursday, February 15, 2024 in News Story.

Hananeel Morinville, a history major in the College of Arts and Science, was named to the next class of the John Robert Lewis Scholars & Fellows Program for 2024-2025. The program is run by the Faith and Politics Institute.

smiling womanComprising student leaders and changemakers from 17 universities across the country, the newest cohort of scholars will embark on a transformative educational journey examining the nonviolent philosophy of the late John Lewis from a historical perspective and exploring its principles, strategies, and applicability to modern-day challenges.

“Studying the past, particularly the Civil Rights period, is much more than simply understanding America’s history,” said Hananeel. “It’s central to understanding how to make effective progress in a way that champions positive impact. I am beyond honored to be working alongside others who are committed to learning history, specifically nonviolent history, and using it as a tool to move forward in the right direction.”

Originally from Kansas, Hananeel is a proud Haitian with a passion for civic engagement and racial and social justice. Her drive to serve others and alleviate their plight was first ignited in middle school after she noticed a plethora of community issues negatively impacting people of color that weren’t being addressed. She continues her racial justice, social justice, and advocacy work at Vanderbilt by serving as the Student Government Economic Inclusivity Chair, where she plays a key role in advancing economic equity for first-generation and low-income students. Hananeel is a 2019 Princeton Prize Recipient, a 2021 Coke Scholar, and a social justice fellow with the Memorial Foundation.

Blending academic research with immersive experiences, the John Robert Lewis Scholars & Fellows program seeks to foster honest conversations, bridge divides, and empower participants. In the program, Hananeel and her cohort will connect with prominent community leaders, lawmakers, and activists and engage in an array of discussion topics including the dignity of work, housing inequities, the rural and urban divides, mass incarceration, health disparities, and more.

Selected through a highly competitive process, the scholars and fellows represent a wide range of backgrounds, ideologies, and faiths, creating an environment that fosters open dialogue, empathy, and understanding.


About the Faith and Politics Institute:

The Faith and Politics Institute is a nonpartisan, interfaith organization dedicated to promoting dialogue, understanding, and collaboration among members of the faith community and political leaders. Through its educational programs and initiatives, the Faith and Institute seeks to bridge divides, foster empathy, and inspire a commitment to justice and compassion in the public sphere.