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October 11, 2022

Alumni Reunion

(L to R):Phil Crooke, Glenn Webb, Tony Cappiello, Ashley Fields Hedge, Jenny Ewig, Mark Ellingham, Dietmar Bisch.

The Department was pleased to welcome alumni back to Vanderbilt during Reunion Weekend, October 6th to 9th, 2022. Some alumni preferred to just wander around the math building, but the department also held a reception on Friday afternoon and several faculty members had a lively discussion with some alumni about their careers after Vanderbilt and the numerous changes on campus since their student days.

Photo (left to right): Phil Crooke, Glenn Webb, Tony Cappiello (alumnus, Knoxville, TN), Ashley Fields Hedge (alumna, northern VA in DC area), Jenny Ewig (alumna, Los Angeles, CA), Mark Ellingham, Dietmar Bisch. Photo taken by Andrew Harrell (alumnus, Vicksburg, MS).