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Minor in Jewish Studies

The minor in Jewish studies provides a basic understanding of Jewish history and culture across continents and the past three millennia. The minor requires a minimum of 18 credit hours.

1. Introductory course, 3 credit hours. JS 1002 or 1002W: Introduction to Jewish Studies, JS 1040: Introduction to Modern Jewish History, or JS 1010: Introduction to Jewish Religion.

2. Electives (minimum of 15 credit hours). Any of the courses  that are not used to fulfill a requirement toward the minor may be counted as an elective. Special Topics courses or First-Year Writing Seminar courses dealing with topics related to Jewish studies may be counted with the approval of the program director.

Declaring a Minor

To download a Declaration of Minor form, click here.

Students may combine a minor with any major, but each minor must include at least 15 credit hours that are being counted solely toward the minor.

For more information on declaring a minor, visit the College of Arts & Science’s Majors and Minors page.