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Why Study Hebrew?

למה ללמוד עברית?

  • Are you interested in reading the Bible in the original?
  • Are you interested in research on the Middle East? Archeology? Religious Studies? Jewish heritage? Diplomacy? International relations?
  • Want to intern for a startup company in Tel Aviv, the city with the “highest startup density in the world?
  • Want to learn more about the most relevant issues in the media? From Middle East conflicts to politics or the newest high-tech innovations made in Israel?
  • Are you interested in Reading in the original works by acclaimed Israeli writers like Nobel Laureate Shai Agnon or International Booker Prize winner David Grossman?  Read other great writers who deal with the most controversial and important issues in Israel, the Middle East conflict, the memory of the Holocaust and the fascinating history of the birth of modern Israel!
  • Learn the reality behind critically-acclaimed TV shows bought by Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime like “Fauda,”Hostages,” “Mosad 101” and “In Treatment.
Poetry Slam
International Poetry Slam in partnership with the Center of Second Language Studies and Southern Word – Spring 2021

If you are interested in any of the above, Hebrew will be invaluable for you. We welcome students of all backgrounds. We offer Hebrew for beginner and intermediate levels, with an emphasis on Israeli culture, cinema and literature. 


If you have any question about the Hebrew program, please email Prof. Mazalit Haim at