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Withdrawing from a Course

After the change period and extending to the deadline published on the Undergraduate Academic Calendar, a student may withdraw from a course with approval from their adviser. Under certain conditions, withdrawal may also require approval from an associate dean in 350 Buttrick Hall.

These changes must be made in YES with the Course Withdrawal feature. After the end of the eighth week, withdrawal is possible only in the most extraordinary circumstances, such as illness or unusual personal or family problems, and in all cases must be approved by the A&S Administrative Committee.

Students who withdraw from a course after the change period receive the grade W (withdrawal). This grade is not used in the computation of grade point average or class rank. A student who defaults in a course without dropping or withdrawing from it receives the grade F.

Completing fewer than 12 credit hours in a semester may result in consequences. Please review possible consequences carefully before submitting a request to withdraw.