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Study Abroad

Fifty percent of Vanderbilt students take advantage of the university’s 120-plus study abroad programs in more than 40 countries. Students usually study abroad during their sophomore or junior year and can choose from experiences that range from a few weeks to a full year. Vanderbilt financial aid applies to official study-abroad experiences, and additional assistance is available through grants from A&S departments or the college itself and through university programs such as Immersion.

The Global Education Office (GEO) administers all Vanderbilt study abroad programs, including those affiliated with the College of Arts and Science. Contact GEO for more information about programs, course credit, financial aid, and other details.  To browse a list of current programs, use the Program Search Tool on the GEO website.  

Semester- and Year-long Programs  

A number of A&S departments strongly encourage a semester or year of study abroad, to help students gain language fluency and firsthand experience with cultures, histories, and political systems relevant to their majors. But you don’t have to major in an internationally-focused field to go overseas. A&S students from all majors study abroad—just consult with your home department to ensure that you plan your required courses appropriately.  

Maymester Abroad

The College of Arts and Science offers faculty-led  Maymester  abroad programs, which take students overseas for a deep-dive on subjects from across the A&S curriculum. Topics vary from year to year. Experiences typically last 4-5 weeks and provide course credit.  

Summer Sessions Abroad  

A&S also offers a variety of Summer Sessions abroad, ranging from short trips for specific events to summer-long research experiences and courses. Some are led by college faculty, while others are operated by Vanderbilt-approved tour companies or partner institutions.  

A&S Study Abroad Policy  
  • Students in the College of Arts and Science can only receive course credit through Vanderbilt-approved programs. The College only accepts credit from international schools and programs that have been approved by Vanderbilt faculty and with which we have a contract or agreement. This applies to all academic terms (the fall, spring, and summer, or any other academic calendar a program might use). The approved programs are administered by the Global Education Office, and can be found on the GEO website .  

  • Grades earned in a study abroad program will show up on the student’s Vanderbilt transcript, but will not count toward the student’s grade point average. Credit for these courses will be considered study away credit, not direct credit.  

  • The College of Arts and Science cannot accept credit from a student taking a leave of absence to do non-approved study abroad programs.  

  • The student must be in good standing.  

  • The student must have a 2.700 cumulative grade point average, or in the two semesters prior to requesting study abroad.  

  • Study abroad courses may not be taken on a repeat credit basis.  

  • Study abroad courses may not be taken on a pass-fail basis.  

  • Study abroad courses may not be used to satisfy AXLE requirements.  

Please visit the GEO policy page for additional Vanderbilt University study abroad policies and resources.