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A&S Faculty Committees

Faculty members are appointed to the Faculty Committees listed below for a one-year term by the dean of A&S in consultation with Faculty Council. Below are the committee members for the 2020-2021 year.

Administrative Committee

Interprets and applies all academic regulations pertaining to the degree. It shall pass on all rules and exceptions to the rules for graduation.

Lydia Abell (Administrative Coordinator), ex officio

Roger E. Moore (Senior Associate Dean), ex officio

Carrie Russell (Assistant Dean), ex officio

Scott Aikin

Kathryn Anderson

Jeffrey Bennett

Lily Claiborne (Faculty Council)

Christin Essin

Andrea Hearn, (Assistant Dean), Chair

Paul Stob

Admissions Committee

Admits a class each year in accordance with the regulations and standards set up by the faculty of the college.

Douglas L. Christiansen (Vice Provost of University Enrollment Affairs), ex officio

John Geer (Dean of the College of Arts and Science), ex officio

Roger E. Moore, (Senior Associate Dean), ex officio

Phillip Ackerman-Lieberman

John Ayers

Randolph Blake

Cynthia Brame

T.S. Harvey

Shaul Kelner

Janet Macdonald

Letizia Modena

Elizabeth Moodey

Dan Morgan (Associate Dean), Chair

Ben Tran (Faculty Council)

Frank Wcislo

Art Gallery Committee

No appointments recommended at this time.

AXLE Implementation Committee

John Bradley (Director, Writing Studio), ex officio

Racquel Goff (Academic Services Coordinator), ex officio

Andrea Hearn (Assistant Dean) ex officio

Carrie Russell (Assistant Dean), ex officio

Larisa DeSantis (Faculty Council)

Julia Fesmire

Roger E. Moore (Senior Associate Dean), Chair

Joshua Murray

Tiffany Patterson

Joseph L. Rife

Isaac West

Committee on Academic Standards and Procedures 

Considers academic standards, regulations, and rules, such as changes in procedures with regard to grading and requirements for graduation.

John Geer (Dean of the College of Arts and Science), ex officio  

Roger E. Moore (Senior Associate Dean), ex officio  

Laura Carpenter, Chair (Faculty Council)

Katie Crawford

Emily Greble

George Hornberger 

Jim Patton

Mariano Sana

Committee on Educational Programs 

Considers all proposals for study, establishment, and improvement of undergraduate academic programs, methods, and departments.

Racquel Goff (Academic Services Coordinator), ex officio  

Andrea Hearn (Assistant Dean), ex officio

Roger E. Moore (Senior Associate Dean), ex officio 

Dan Morgan (Associate Dean), ex officio 

Sophie Bjork-James (Faculty Council)

Lauren Clay

William (Bill) Fowler

Kathy Friedman

Ruth Rogaski

Sandra Rosenthal

Peter Rousseau, Chair

Committee on Graduate Education 

Examines proposals for new graduate programs and new graduate courses and shall serve in an advisory capacity on matters concerned with graduate education.

David Wright (Dean of Graduate Education & Research), ex officio 

Committee on Health-Related Professions

No appointments recommended at this time.

Committee on Individual Programs

Marshall Eakin

Andrea Hearn (Assistant Dean), Chair 

Neil Patrick Kelley

Vesna Pavlović 

Rupi Saggi

Sheri Shaneyfelt

Committee on Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies

Roger E. Moore (Senior Associate Dean), ex officio 

Katherine Carroll 

Elizabeth Catania

Jennifer Fay 

Karen Hammer

Ari Joskowicz

Gary Kimball 

William Luis, Chair

Adam Meyer

Ruth Rogaski

Gabriel Torres Colón

David A. Weintraub 

Curriculum Committee

Evaluates all proposals for new courses and modification of existing courses. Shall recommend placing of courses not falling within the scope of any department.

Racquel Goff (Office of Academic Services), ex officio 

Catesby McGehee (Director, CASPAR), ex officio

Roger E. Moore (Senior Associate Dean), ex officio  

Gerald Figal

Rick Hilles

Claire King, Chair

Betsey Robinson (Faculty Council)

Allison Schachter

Mike Stone

Tariq Thachil

Second Language Study Committee

Roger E. Moore (Senior Associate Dean), ex officio 

Nathalie Porter (Director, Center for Second Language Studies), ex officio 

Elyse Petit

Marieke Sattler 

Silke Schade

Dan Solomon 

Cynthia Wasick, Chair 

Student-Faculty Relations Committee

Deals with and has authority to make proposals on matters of joint student-faculty concern, such as the procedures of communication between student and faculty governments.

No appointments recommended at this time.  

Study Abroad Committee

Andrea Hearn (Assistant Dean), ex officio

Robert Driskill

Guilherme Gualda

Dan Morgan (Associate Dean), Chair

Asami Nakano

Maria Paz Pintané

Nathalie Porter

Joseph Rife