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Polina Dimova

Lecturer of Russian

Polina Dimova holds a doctorate in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Berkeley and is a scholar of Russian and European literature, music, and visual art. Nearing completion, her book The Synaesthetic Metaphor studies how Modernist multimedia experiments stemmed from a fascination with synaesthesia, the figurative or neurological mixing of the senses—for instance, in the perception of sound as color. Dimova has published on synaesthesia in Russian Symbolism, on Evgenii Zamiatin’s literary appropriation of Alexander Scriabin’s music, on the Scythian elements in Prokofiev’s early ballets and songs, and on Oscar Wilde and Richard Strauss’s adaptations of the Salome legend. Before joining Vanderbilt, she has taught a wide variety of courses in Russian and Comparative Literature at UC Berkeley and Oberlin College.