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Opportunity Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt is proud to offer a unique learning community where collaboration is valued, service is a mainstay and leadership is nurtured. However, we also recognize the burden that significant student loan debt places on young people’s educational dreams and potential career choices.

In order to minimize that burden, Vanderbilt has taken a bold step to expand its financial aid program by creating Opportunity Vanderbilt – an initiative focused on raising endowment support for need-based undergraduate scholarships. This commitment reflects our belief that access to a Vanderbilt education should be based on ability to perform academically, not ability to pay.

Gifts through the Opportunity Vanderbilt initiative are an investment in the belief that Vanderbilt has a vital role in educating the most talented leaders for the next generation. We hope you will partner with us in building a community of young men and women distinguished in achievement, committed to hard work, eager to learn and lead, and diverse in background, experience and perspective.

Learn more about Opportunity Vanderbilt here.


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