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Why does the College of Arts and Science need my support?

Without alumni and friends’ support, student debt would be substantial, rendering an education at Vanderbilt impossible for many top students. By continuing to improve our financial aid packages, not only will we remain competitive with other top universities, but also we will be even better equipped to provide all students with the opportunity to flourish at Vanderbilt.

Why is my participation important?

Alumni and friends’ participation is vital to the success of the College of Arts and Science and indispensable to giving our students great tools for future achievement. In addition to the personal effect of your generosity on our students and faculty, alumni participation through financial support is nationally tracked and affects the U.S. News & World Report college rankings. We hope to maximize our alumni giving participation rate in order to compete with our peer schools and maintain the highest rank possible.

Will my small gift make any difference to the College of Arts and Science?

Absolutely—gifts of all sizes are extremely important. Your contributions work to support student financial aid as well as Arts and Science departmental programs and research. No matter the size of one’s gift, everyone can play a role in Vanderbilt’s advancement. Each year, thousands of individual donors to the College of Arts and Science give $1,000 or less each. These contributions add up to substantial support of our mission.

I’m considered a “Young Alumnus.” What difference can I make for the College of Arts and Science?

If you are a Vanderbilt Graduate Of the Last Decade (G.O.L.D.), then you’re considered one of our young alumni—a group that numbers more than 15,000 worldwide. Young alumni play an important role in Vanderbilt’s continued growth and success. This year, we hope even more young alumni will join their classmates and give back to Vanderbilt. No matter the size of your gift, your participation is a vote of confidence in Vanderbilt and demonstrates your commitment to its future. Your generosity goes to work immediately, helping provide deserving students with the same opportunities you had during your time at Vanderbilt.