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Board of Visitors

The Board of Visitors is a group of Arts and Science alumni who provide strategic advice and counsel to the Dean on issues facing the College of Arts and Science.

Board of Visitors

Elizabeth Allen – BS ’83
Charlottesville, VA

John Arnold – BA ’95
Houston, TX
Director, Laura and John Arnold Foundation

Tooty Bradford – BA ’63
Nashville, TN
Doug Grey – BE ’83
Thousand Oaks, CA
Partner, Saddle Peak Asset Management, LLC
Houston, TX
Chief Investment Officer, Hudson Partnership

Joanne Hayes – BA ’68
Nashville, TN
Andrew Hoine – BA ’96
New York, NY
Managing Director & Director of Research, Paulson & Company, Inc.

Paul Jacobson – BA ’76
Greenwich, CT
Chief Executive Officer, Thorne Research

Mary Beth Kirsch – BA ’84
West Newton, MA
Tiffany Moller – BA ’89
New York, NY
Co-founder, Pallas Global Group, LLC
Frank Nash – BA ’73
New York, NY
Managing Director, MidOcean Partners

Elizabeth Oliver - BA '84, Par ('22)
La Jolla, CA

Nancy Perot – BA ’82
Dallas, TX

Wesley Powell – BA ’91
New York, NY
Partner, Wilkie Farr & Gallagher LLP

Ginny Searcy – BA ’96
Dallas, TX

Jim Seuss – BA ’85
New York, NY
Chief Executive Officer, Hunter Boot Ltd.

Karen Sobotka - BA ’84
New York, NY

Andrew Tisdale – BA ‘84
London, England
Managing Director, Providence Equity

Heidi Ueberroth – BA ’87
Director, Pebble Beach Company
New York, NY