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Summer 2021 Russian Immersion Experience

Posted by on Thursday, October 21, 2021 in Uncategorized.

During summer 2021 two Vanderbilt Russian Program students spent several weeks immersed in two different language experiences.  Junior Jasmine Ding worked as a counselor at the Concordia Language Villages Russian Camp – Lesnoe Ozero.




Sophomore Nathan West continued his Russian language studies in Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia:

“Over the summer, I went to Kyrgyzstan in order to advance my cultural awareness and knowledge of the Russian language. I got the opportunity to travel extensively across the country and meet many wonderful people, in a way that was only possible with prior experience in the language. While there, I was able to put everything I’ve learned at Vanderbilt to work, honing my skills. The extensive practice in class and support of my professor was invaluable in increasing my confidence when I finally arrived abroad alone. I am extremely thankful for our Russian program and what it has offered me while at Vanderbilt and I am excited to continue to put my skills to work in the future.”




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