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Devon Akers, BA’15: Translating the Russian Language to Programming Language

Posted by on Friday, November 13, 2020 in Uncategorized.

Senior Software Engineer, Capital One

Devon Akers sitting at a table in a restaurant with a window and night view of a city in the background
Devon Akers ’15

A Russian and Philosophy major, Devon is now a Washington, D.C.-based software engineer for one of the nation’s biggest banks.

“Studying Russian at Vanderbilt gave me so many more skills than just the language. I learned to think critically, and now I can apply a rigorous thought process to solve any problem I come across,” he says. “My background in Russian was also very useful as I learned to speak new languages–programming languages. The fact that my education prepared me for my career, even though it seems to be unrelated, speaks volumes about the quality of education I received.”

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