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Karen Ng

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Philosophy

Description of Research

Karen Ng specializes in nineteenth-century European philosophy (esp. Hegel and German Idealism) and Frankfurt School Critical Theory. Her book, Hegel’s Concept of Life: Self-Consciousness, Freedom, Logic, is published with Oxford University Press (2020). The book explores the philosophical significance of the concept of life for Hegel’s philosophy, with an emphasis on his Science of Logic. In addition to her research in post-Kantian philosophy, she is also interested in the ongoing influence of Hegel and Marx for critical social theory, particularly as their legacies help us understand the relation between human beings and nature, possibilities and failures of mutual recognition, and conceptions of progress and critique. In 2018, she was an instructor at the Critical Theory Summer School in Berlin on the topic of Rethinking Ideology and a research fellow at the Center for Humanities and Social Change at the Humboldt University in Berlin. In 2021–2022 she will be a faculty fellow at the Robert Penn Warren Center for Humanities at Vanderbilt University.

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AOS: 19th Century European Philosophy (esp. Hegel and German Idealism), Frankfurt School Critical Theory
AOC: History of Modern European Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy