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Sandy Solomon

Writer in Residence

Sandy Solomon’s book, Pears, Lake, Sun, which received the Agnes Lynch Starrett Prize from the University of Pittsburgh Press, was published simultaneously in the UK by Peterloo Poets. Her work has appeared in a number of magazines and journals in the US and the UK, including, most recently, The New Yorker, Plume, Harvard Review, Hopkins Review, Kenyon Review, Scientific American, Vox Populiand Moment Magazine.

In the past, other poems have appeared in The New Yorker, New Republic, The Times Literary Supplement, Poetry Review, Partisan Review, Threepenny Review, The Gettysburg Review, Chelsea, Seneca Review, The Southern Review, The Virginia Quarterly Review, Southampton Review, Harvard Magazine, Antioch Review, Poetry East, Ploughshares, Poet Lore, Pained Bride Quarterly, Prairie Schooneramong others. Solomon’s poems have appeared in a number of anthologies including Women’s Work, Orpheus and Company: Contemporary Poems on Greek Mythologyand A Breathless Hush, The MCC Anthology of Cricket Verse.