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Rebecca Chapman

Senior Lecturer
Assistant Director of the Vanderbilt Writing Studio

Rebecca Chapman is Senior Lecturer in English and Women’s and Gender Studies, and Assistant Director of the Vanderbilt Writing Studio. Her research focuses on the social politics and cultural effects of literature during the British early modern period and today. Her current manuscript project explores how the intrinsic value associated with Shakespeare turns into immediate use-value in the sometimes troubling rehabilitation of socially marginalized subjects such as inmates, sex workers, refugees, and those living in poverty. Her next project, in its early stages, concerns the social politics of grammar operating within queer communities, in political rhetoric, and throughout U.S. curricular history. She teaches a wide variety of classes on Shakespeare, gender and sexuality, British literature, cultural studies, media history, popular culture, literary theory, and art activism.

 In her administrative role at the Writing Studio, Rebecca provides instruction and support for graduate student instructors in the Department of English who teach writing-intensive courses, and faculty across disciplines who teach first-year writing seminars. Her pedagogical research explores practices of responding to student writing, and how national best practices for writing instruction can overlook the educational needs of first-in-family college students.